Music in Motion

AZ Films is a music video powerhouse, with over 250 videos across all genres of music.

Names like Drake, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, DMX, T-Pain, and Snoop Dogg have utilized our talents since 2007. We work with all record labels and major media outlets (MTV, BET, VH1), to deliver content the fans want to see.

We have the unique ability and experience to provide high-level concepts to even independent and first time artists. This dedication to quality (for both major and independent artists) has brought many of our videos awards and accolades, including MTV VMAs.

Our Intricate understanding of the global music video domain allows us to execute successful video content that not only resonates with the artist’s fan base but expands it.

Ads & Brands

AZ Films delivers branded content for Major fortune 500 companies. From national campaigns to brand films and internal corporate videos.

Our award winning work in advertising has brought us clients from across the globe, which have flown our creative team out for on-the-ground consulting on productions.

Our seasoned team handles full campaigns, and isolated content creation, so that clients of any size can engage consumers in the most effective way possible.

Silver Screen

Our team has produced and sold 12 feature films in various genres since 2010. Films that have been released theatrically nationwide, aired on BET and ShowTime, and distributed through REDBOX, AMAZON, and ITUNES. AZ Films, and its sister company Thriller Films, have set up an exclusive multi-picture distribution deal for North America.

Our award winning team of writers, directors and producers are extremely experienced in film making and storytelling. We have s handpicked team of creative, technical and fiscal professionals with an in depth knowledge of the ever changing landscape of independent film production AND distribution.